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Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency lighting Systems are one of the most important safety systems put in place to protect your staff, customers and your business. Its primary purpose is to illuminate escape routes, but it is also used to light up signs and other safety equipment.

Emergency lighting operates automatically when a lighting circuit loses the mains power supply so a good knowledge of electrical safety as well as the regulations for the Emergency Lighting is key to a properly installed system.

In the event of a power failure or fire, safe and efficient evacuation is paramount. ACE Fire Services Ltd provide emergency lighting systems that ensure that the emergency exits and escape routes are fully illuminated in the event of a lighting failure.

Having a solid electrical background gave us a head start when it came to Emergency Lighting Systems. Moving into the Fire Safety Industry, we have come across many sites that needed our expertise in getting the sites up-to-date with current regulations. 

Care homes and sheltered accomodation have been some of the most challenging sites to work on. These unique sites have been a great experience for us, teaching us more about some of the issues that vulnerable people face on a daily basis but also helping us to understand how we can better assist these sites to provide a safe environment for some of our communities needy, disabled and vulnerable. 

Keeping your service users, customers and staff safe is a high priority, so in an emergency, we make sure that you have an emergency lighting system that will not fail. We install and maintain systems to the relevant British Standards and ensure that they are always in the best possible condition.

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