Fire Extinguishers Keep Your Staff Safe!

Everyone know what Fire Extinguishers look like and most people know what they do!

The current Fire Safety Legislation requires every commercial property to have adequate Fire Extinguisher coverage.

Giving your staff the ability to protect themselves from a fire blocking an escape route or even tackle a small fire is an essential part of the total Fire Safety package that your site needs to comply with the legislation.

Ensuring that Fire extinguishers are the correct type in the correct place and fit-for-purpose is the core tenant of BS5306-6 which is the British Standard that covers Fire Extinguishers. ACE Fire Services understand that Fire Extinguishers keep your staff safe! Not only that, your customers will visually recognise that you are taking your responsibilities seriously and wanting to protect them as well.

ACE Fire Services are now fully conversant with the regulations and are able to offer installation, servicing and disposal of all shape and sizes of Fire Extinguisher.